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March 2019

2016 News, 2017 News, 2018 News, 2019 News Posted on Mon, February 25, 2019 08:50:38

All our new and recent recruits are
progressing well and our increased numbers means we can ring all 3 octaves at each
practice even if not all of us are there. In fact most weeks our musical
director Clair is able to be just that rather than having to ring as well.

The new system of practising on Wednesdays
each week seems to be going well and will continue for the foreseeable future
although we have added a couple of new features:

Firstly Andy has printed us all personalised
mugs with the Bingley Handbell Logo so there is no confusion and secondly Clair
has prepared a number of exercises to play at the beginning of our sessions to assist
our timing and technique before we start playing pieces.

We are beginning to receive booking enquiries
for this year so if you are interested in booking us for a performance or Roger
for a talk please don’t delay too long.

Talk about bells……?

2016 News, 2017 News, 2018 News, 2019 News Posted on Wed, February 13, 2019 17:17:47

From time to time one of our members is asked to give a talk, to groups, about bell ringing. Although the talk is mainly about church bell ringing he takes along some of the handbells to give people a chance to Have a Go. Here is Roger showing some of the Eldwick and District Countrywomen’s Association how its done:

News February 2019

2016 News, 2017 News, 2018 News, 2019 News Posted on Thu, February 07, 2019 08:24:19

January is traditionally a quiet
month for the handbell ringers after all the excitement of our Christmas

We allow ourselves a short break
and then meet together for a post Christmas meal. This year we returned to Galo’s
and a very enjoyable evening was had by those who attended. It also gave new
members an opportunity to mix away from the frantic rehearsals.

Practices started again in
earnest on 16 January and we welcomed two new recruits, Colin and Janet, in
addition to Andy, Diane and Geoff who had joined late in 2018.

Claire, our esteemed musical
director, has devised some exercises for the beginnings of practices to help us
all with our technique and timing. These proved very successful as well as fun.

We do not have any events planned
until May and are confident that by then we will be able to ring all three
octaves again on a regular basis.

After much discussion we are now
running a trial of practising just on Wednesdays which should produce a better
turn out. These will continue to be in the vestry except for when there are
services such as on Ash Wednesday and in Holy Week when we will move into
Church House.

Despite our improving numbers we
still welcome new members at any time.

Christmas 2018

2016 News, 2017 News, 2018 News, 2019 News Posted on Fri, January 04, 2019 14:45:10

As always we were busy over the Christmas Period.

We began with a visit to Gilstead Ladies in their impressive new
venue at the café attached to the new Fern House on Fernbank Drive. Space was a
bit short there but they made us very welcome and even provided a supper after
our performance.

We returned to Shipley Musical Union at the Anchorage. This
is always a group where there is plenty of room for us to perform and the
sing-a-long part of our performance goes so well with their strong voices!
However the Achorage is closing down now so they are also looking for a new

In fact it was a season of returns. As you will also have seen we returned to the Western branch tower bell ringers carol service and to a Mason’s event at Hoyle Court, Baildon.

We were very busy over the Christmas period and had to turn
away a number of late enquiries. The message for 2019 is “Book Early!”

After a well deserved post Christmas break we returned to
ringing on 16th January 2019 with a number of new and recent
recruits which makes us optimistic for the future. Until Easter we are trialing
practicing each week on Wednesdays at 7pm in the vestry although we may move to
Church House during Lent if there are any services at this time.

Solna Burnham

Performance for the Peace Lodge Dinner at Hoyle Court Baildon

2016 News, 2017 News, 2018 News, 2019 News Posted on Tue, December 18, 2018 17:17:56

Having performed before for the Masons (some time ago) it was great to be invited back again despite the late start and finish! A packed room left little room for our tables but with a little bit of maneuvering we managed to fit in. After playing some of our popular Christmas pieces (Jingle Bells, Walking in the Air, Frosty the Snowman etc) we gave those who wanted an opportunity to join us in ringing Good King Wenceslas. To every bodies amusement a few folk joined in and coped admirably as they learnt a new skill …. sadly we suspect none took up our offer to join us!

Performance at YACR Western Branch Carol Service

2018 News Posted on Tue, December 18, 2018 16:54:33

By special invitation we rang this year at the Carol Service for the Western Branch of the Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers that was held at Drighlington Church. With cold wet and icy conditions limiting numbers who attended the warm welcome we received was much appreciated.

August 2018

2018 News Posted on Fri, September 07, 2018 21:00:49

of our ringers, Diane, works for Royds which brands itself as ‘a local charity
for local people’ and they arranged an event on 5th July under the NHS 70 Tea

held their tea party at their headquarters on their enterprise park in South
Bradford. Those attending where mainly members of their staff, local residents
and people who make use of their other facilities including a number of elderly

the event was held in the middle of the day we had even more difficulty than
usual putting together a band and only knew a few days before that six of us
would be able to attend to play music arranged for 12 bells.

we managed it!

played a few pieces and then were treated to a real afternoon tea including
sandwiches with the crusts cut off, salads, baked salmon, cakes and scones with
jam and cream – all served on china plates. Each table had a vase of flowers
and their own teapot and milk jug from which tea was poured into china cups – a
far cry from our usual rehearsal time mugs!

course every treat comes with hitch – in this case a fiendishly difficult quiz
to work out Yorkshire place names from the literal translations of the ancient
works – we might have known that Broad ford was the meaning of Bradford but how
many of us knew Ilkley meant Ylica’s clearing?

tea we took the bells around the tables to show them off and although they were
very interested on this occasion none of the audience were brave enough to
‘have a go’ in front of everyone else.

then departed feeling well sated and probably did not need to eat again that

July 2018

2018 News Posted on Mon, August 06, 2018 08:32:05

As a
small group we always welcome new members, but if they are enthusiastic and
musical it is a bonus. One
such person was Mary Lister who joined us early in 2015. She knew some of our
members through her other activities and interests including her attendance at
St Wilfrid’s, Gilstead and her membership of Eldwick Tennis Club.

was keen to ring the small bells as she considered they ‘had more of the
action’ and she took part in a performance and workshop at Dewsbury Minster
only a short time after joining us. After getting to know us better she had no
problem making clear her wishes for us to play particular pieces.

It was
particularly saddening that only a few years later, this summer she passed away
after a long and valiant fight against illness. She never let it rule her life
and latterly she would often make contact to say that she was having a good
week or was less susceptible to infection so she would be joining us for
practice – even if it meant spending an hour or so in Bingley whiling away time
after a doctor’s appointment. In fact she was particularly cross that a change
of bus timetable made it more difficult for her to travel to practices!

funeral was held at St Wilfrid’s which was packed with a choir and a huge
congregation leaving standing room only. Jane, our chair, was asked to say a
few words about Mary’s membership of Bingley Handbell Ringers at the service
together with representatives of other groups which reflected her wide and
varied interests.

So we say farewell to Mary and extend our sympathies to her
son Will and other members of her family.

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