The first outdoor practice proved such a success that we have continued with them on a weekly basis and we have noticed other groups following our lead. Since the first occasion all the sessions have all been held at Jane’s house as it is easier not having to transport the equipment to different locations each week.

Jane purchased a large gazebo specifically for the purpose of keeping us dry and sheltered from at least some of the wind. However even this could not protect us one very wet July evening when the rain started penetrating underneath until finally we had to concede defeat!

We began alternating practices between Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday evenings to give those who work full time more chance of taking part. However as lockdown relaxed and more activities were possible during the day we decided to move all the sessions to our usual Wednesday evenings. 10 of our band have taken part and as well as enjoying the ringing we have been able to catch up on everyone’s news be it happy or sad.

Hopefully we will be able to meet up inside again before the Autumn when the weather becomes colder and wetter (is that possible?) and the nights draw in, but for now our outdoor sessions have proved a great success.

Solna Burnham