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June 2022 News

2022 News Posted on Tue, June 21, 2022 08:43:44

Over the jubilee weekend we rang handbells for the special event of a Christening. The baby concerned was Daniel Cater and we had previously rung for the wedding of his parents in the same church, St Mary’s at Burley in Wharfedale. We felt honoured to be part of the next step in the family’s life.

We rang a number of applicable pieces including a Cradle Song and Frere Jacques at the back of the church as the congregation arrived and mingled. Then we rang again after the actual baptism as part of the service.

Despite our location at the rear of the church and the various interruptions of child and baby chatter we felt the performance went well and it was good to perform once again.

8 ringers attended the Thursday Club at Silsden Methodist Church on the afternoon of 9th June. We played our regular repertoire of 2 octave music. It was the first proper concert for Zoila our ten year old young ringer. She did amazingly well and was the star of the show.

When we finished playing some of our audience came up to have a go, which was good fun. The afternoon finished with tea and cakes.

The Methodist Church is a great venue and we will return there on 8th October for the HRGB North East Region Autumn Rally.

News May 2022

2022 News Posted on Mon, May 16, 2022 18:57:19

On 14th May 6 of our ringers including Zoila, our young ringer, attended the regional Spring Rally in Grassington. This events usually takes place annually but due to COVID it had been cancelled in 2019 and 2020.

Normally the hall is absolutely packed but on this occasion fewer teams attended and most of them were short of players possibly because they were unwilling to attend a mass event or because they were unwell. Some of the groups had only just begun ringing together again and were short of practice.

We ourselves could only raise a band of 6 ringers for various reasons. However we performed a number of pieces for 12 bells and Zoila in particular excelled herself winning praise from a number of very experienced ringers.

We are now planning a number of other performances and events as handbell ringing hopefully approaches normality.

if you are looking for a new hobby why not join us in Church House one Wednesday evening to see what it is all about?

Solna Burnham


07884 233382

National Rally April 2022 (or was it 2020?)

2022 News Posted on Sun, April 17, 2022 17:47:02

Last weekend three of our group attended the National Handbell Rally in Sheffield.

The organisation of the rally is allocated on a rotational basis to each region of HRGB (Handbell Ringers of Great Britain) and in 2020 it was the turn of the North East Region of which we are part. 2 of our team, myself and Jane our Chair, are now on the regional committee and were involved in the planning which began back in 2018 with the search for a venue which met all the necessary requirements including a large concert venue, breakout rooms for workshops, reasonably priced en suite rooms and an easily reachable location.

After much deliberation the Royal Victoria Hotel in Sheffield (close to the M1 and railway station) was chosen and the work began. The hotel was an original Railway Hotel and we therefore chose a railway theme with platforms, enquiry offices and tickets!

However, as we could never have anticipated, Covid struck after all the arrangements had been made and items with the “Sheffield 2020” logo had been purchased. The event was cancelled and by some amazing piece of foresight it was postponed not to the next year but to 2022.

The bonus from our point of view was that Clair, our musical director, who had been unwell in 2020 was able to take part. She was chosen to conduct 2 workshops entitled Ringing from Scratch where she took a mixed ability band from sight reading to perfection on one piece in 75 minutes! She might have been billed as a New Leader but she was given participants who included very experienced ringers who themselves were leading workshops later in the day! Didn’t she do well?!

Jane and I spent 2 days stewarding (effectively guiding) delegates and we adhered to the Regional Chair’s instructions to “smile all weekend as if you have a coat hanger in your mouth” although I am not sure that all of them appreciated it when she took the Railway theme to the extent of telling them that they were too late for dinner as the Buffet Car had left the platform!

Not only did we all take part in interesting and varied workshops , but we also had the opportunity of attending 2 concerts – one by the Northern Bell Orchestra and one by a number of very different groups and we also met so many ringers with different skills from so many different parts of the UK.

As we drove back to Bingley late on Saturday night we reflected on the first National Rally we had attended and where we might go in the future. The general consensus was that although we might not make it over the border to Stirling in 2023 we were keen to visit Kettering in 2024.

Solna Burnham

07884 233382

March 2022

2022 News, Uncategorised Posted on Mon, March 14, 2022 11:45:05

Well this has been a quiet month so far with not much news to report. However I submitted our annual report to the PCC and a copy is below as a review of 2021.

“We began 2021 with our catch ups confined to Zoom meetings and online Ringing Room sessions.

When the restrictions were relaxed again in June we were able at last to ring together again meeting in Jane’s garden in Eldwick as we had done the previous summer.

Fortunately before the weather deteriorated the restrictions relaxed again and we were able to meet indoors.

During the pandemic we had been asked to move from the vestry, so it could be renovated, to Church House where Mark Stothers had worked hard to find us space in a new storage area in the back room (which we share with the Toddler Group) for our filing cabinet and metal cupboard. This has proved to be a great improvement with more space, superior kitchen facilities and efficient heating.

We began performing again in November, although we were less busy than in previous years, starting with a rearranged performance for the Frocks WI in church and finishing in the same venue for the Christmas Tree Festival wearing masks due to the Omnicom variant.

We are now looking forward to what looks like a nearly normal 2022 with performances, rallies, New Year and Big Birthday celebrations.

Sadly the junior ringers at Trinity All Saints School did not meet during the pandemic and it appears unlikely that unless someone comes forward to assist the group will not start again in the foreseeable future.”

Solna Burnham

07884 233382

News February 2022

2022 News, Uncategorised Posted on Thu, February 17, 2022 08:53:27

10 years ago when we were raising money to restore the handbells we held a fund raising ceildh to celebrate the combined 150th birthdays of 3 of our members.

How time passes – this year will see the 3 of them reach a combined darts score of 180!

The first of these birthdays was the 60th celebration of Jane, our chair. As a group we purchased a rose bush aptly titled “Birthday Wishes” for her garden – which was the site of many of our outdoor lockdown practices.

The ladies amongst us celebrated on Saturday afternoon when Jane, very generously, treated us together with the tower bell ringers and her other friends to afternoon tea at Cafe in the Opera at Salts Mill. A lovely time was had by all and there was the usual competitive moment when each table formed a team for a quiz. Although we did not win we discovered our musical director, Clair, has a secret knowledge of TV shows and films!

Roll on the next big birthday!

Solna Burnham

News January 2022

2022 News, Uncategorised Posted on Mon, January 31, 2022 09:39:16

A New Year, A New Start!

As usual we began January with our annual post Christmas Dinner. This was delayed by COVID at the venue and on the rearranged date the service and the food were disappointing. However we enjoyed meeting up together, reviewing the year past and planning the year ahead.

At our first practice we were joined by three new members, Eileen, Margaret and Tony who are already established ringers and we hope they will stay with us. This means that we should be able to get back to ringing the full 3 octaves regularly.

However we still welcome new members either beginners who wish to try handbells or people who can already ring.

We are already getting requests to ring for events so if you want to make a booking, particularly for the Christmas period please do not leave it too late.

Solna Burnham


07884 233382

News December 2021

2021 News Posted on Wed, December 29, 2021 09:39:57

So our Christmas ringing is over and 2021 draws to a close.

The ringers are taking a well earned rest and we start practicing again at 7PM on Wednesday 19 January 2022 in Church House on Old Main Street if anyone would like to join us and give handbell ringing a try. We would particularly welcome anyone who “had a go” at one of our performances over the festive period and fancies finding out more.

We rang twice in All Saints Church: For the Frocks WI at the end of November and for the Christmas Tree Festival on 18th December. The latter was the first occasion we had needed to perform in masks which caused problems as our glasses steamed up etc but I am sure it is something we could get used to and it is better to perform in masks than not at all. It was a lovely setting with all the trees decorated by different groups around us.

We also performed at St Ives Golf Club for the St Peter’s Bowling Club Christmas Dinner, in Baildon for the Parkinsons Group and at St Wilfrid’s Gilstead for a church Christmas event.

So maybe we have not travelled as far as in previous years it was so good to be back practising and performing after the uncertainty of the last 2 years,

Wishing everyone all the best for 2022.

Solna Burnham (Secretary)

News – November 2021

2021 News Posted on Mon, November 22, 2021 09:00:40

On the 18th 6 of our ringers performed a short lunch-time ring for the Friends of Trawden Community Center. We were very pleased to welcome two visiting handbell ringers, Christine and Roger, who swelled our numbers so that we could ring two-octave music. Despite the murky wet weather, there was a good audience of about 80 retired folk who gave us a warm welcome. After a few fluffs at the start (somebody had the wrong bells) our performance improved and was much appreciated as judged by the clapping at the end of each piece. At the end, after a bit of coaxing, we managed to persuade 5 members of the audience to participate by taking a bell and helping us to ring one of our easier pieces Ave Verum. As usual, the audience reacted with good humour as they saw some of their number taking part.

Our decision to accept the booking and travel a fair distance to Trawden was not, of course, influenced by the invitation from the Friends to join them for lunch but I have to say the meal of sausage casserole followed by delectable, gooey and creamy cakes, was much appreciated.

Solna Burnham


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