Over the jubilee weekend we rang handbells for the special event of a Christening. The baby concerned was Daniel Cater and we had previously rung for the wedding of his parents in the same church, St Mary’s at Burley in Wharfedale. We felt honoured to be part of the next step in the family’s life.

We rang a number of applicable pieces including a Cradle Song and Frere Jacques at the back of the church as the congregation arrived and mingled. Then we rang again after the actual baptism as part of the service.

Despite our location at the rear of the church and the various interruptions of child and baby chatter we felt the performance went well and it was good to perform once again.

8 ringers attended the Thursday Club at Silsden Methodist Church on the afternoon of 9th June. We played our regular repertoire of 2 octave music. It was the first proper concert for Zoila our ten year old young ringer. She did amazingly well and was the star of the show.

When we finished playing some of our audience came up to have a go, which was good fun. The afternoon finished with tea and cakes.

The Methodist Church is a great venue and we will return there on 8th October for the HRGB North East Region Autumn Rally.