At our AGM in November we realised that there were no chances of ringing together properly in the foreseeable future.

Even if we were able to meet up outside in groups of 6 the weather over the next few months was unlikely to be conducive to that!

Clair, our musical director, attended a national online conference and returned from that with plenty of ideas.

Since then we have tried various methods of virtual ringing – some are “air ringing” where the piece is played and the attendees mime their ringing using bells, spoons or other implements and some are Ringing Room where we play bell sounds using keys on a computer.

Neither method is perfect but it gives us an opportunity to get together and “make” some music. We have incorporated both of these into our own Christmas Social and a large regional online rally with nearly 50 participants.

Whilst there is no chance of us getting together in person for a Christmas meal or even mulled wine and mince pes, online events are proving to be a reasonable substitute and make sure we all keep in touch.

Here’s wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a far better New Year.

Solna Burnham