So we are back!

On Wednesday (19th) 6 of us met to ring 12 bells in Church House.

Our new cupboard for the equipment is not yet ready so we had to bring the bells, music stands and music in by car. We took all the expected COVID precautions and there were some problems like trying to count bar numbers wearing a mask and accidental bells rolling off our laps.

However we were back ringing real bells indoors for only the second time since March 2020!

It did feel nearly normal and our ringing room practices really seemed to have paid off. Our technique might be a bit rusty and some of the bells may have stiffened up over their enforced break so they didn’t exactly play when we wanted, but altogether it was a very successful practice and we are looking forward to the next one.

Our only problem is that only 6 of us can meet at one time so we can’t invite new members but we are hopeful this will change after June 21st so if you are interested please contact me.

Solna Burnham


07884 233382